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From our family to yours, protecting what's important.

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Using state of the art tools and technology we are dedicated to helping property owners discover things they need to know to ensure their homes are safe. We are detail-oriented, honest and reliable, all things that make us the best possible choice when looking for Radon professionals. When dealing with Radon gas no home is created equal, which is why we provide free custom quotes to each individual homeowner. These quotes are specific to your home with all of its unique characteristics, that way we ensure your system is functioning at peak efficiency.


Great-West Radon is a "One Stop Shop" for any of our client's Radon related needs. We are properly insured, certified and prepared to provide you with the best possible service from start to finish. We use the best materials and equipment ensuring all guidelines set out by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program as well as Health Canada are being met. Radon Mitigation services are performed as carefully, efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, ensuring as many people as possible get this service for their family’s health and safety. We are the top-rated Radon services company in Calgary and are proud of the work we do and the relationships we've created with our clients.


Our team

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Jordan Bewernick is the owner and operator of Great West Radon. He is a C-NRPP certified Radon Testing, and Radon Mitigation professional with certification in Thermography. Jordan is a member in good standing with C-NRPP (Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program) and CARST (Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists). He is bonded, insured and most importantly genuinely looking out for your best interest as a property owner. Jordan is passionate about this important health concern and making homes safer for families.





Dorothy Bewernick co-owns Great West Radon with her husband Jordan Bewernick. She is a certified Radon measurement professional belonging to the C-NRPP and CARST associations. Dorothy comes from a background in Communications (CCBCH) as well as Education (B Ed.) giving her the skills and experience to be able to provide meaningful outreach and education in this emerging industry. On top of conducting Radon testing Dorothy deals with all the administration, bookings and overall office functions of the business and is dedicated to helping families achieve health and wellness.

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