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Is Radon a Problem in Calgary? | Great West Radon

To answer the above question succinctly, yes, radon is a problem in Calgary. Radon is a commonly found pollutant that owes its existence to natural causes. Radon is a hazard, not just in Calgary, but anywhere people live. Radon results from the radioactive decay of buried uranium, and can cause health problems to people living in closed-house conditions—which is especially true of households conserving heat in their homes throughout Calgary’s cold winters.

The solution to excessive radon in your home is radon mitigation, and it can drastically reduce the health risks that come with high radon levels.

Radon Is a Problem In Calgary

But it’s not limited to Calgary. Still, Calgary is one of those places where radon poses an above-average lung cancer risk long term. Radon is everywhere, though, so why worry about it? Radon is a health hazard when it builds up and accumulates to dangerous levels. And when you keep your windows closed for months on end, your home can slowly exceed safe levels with no way to vent it out. If that area includes a living space you frequent for the better part of every day, the health risks can skyrocket.

The type of building where people live can make a difference when it comes to radon. If people are situated in high-rise buildings or areas with extensive ventilation (other methods of avoiding closed-home conditions), the risks of radon lessen.

However, for residents, areas with looser soil and much closer to the ground, it’s riskier. In a Calgary home having a single-residential concrete slab at the foundation, radon can seep upwards through various ingresses like cracks in the foundation, utilities lines or drainage, and more. That’s why you’re more likely to be affected by radon from within your detached residential home.

Radon Mitigation Is a Solution

Thankfully, however, using radon professionals’ solutions like a radon mitigation system can help to prevent or greatly reduce the health risks of radon. Radon mitigation systems are not unlike HVAC systems, except they’re purposed towards funnelling radon gas through your home within airtight ventilation. There are options to get fanless exhaust systems, but—depending on your professional radon test results and judgements we make in the course of our system installation—we’ll make a professional recommendation.

Radon is a problem because it’s a naturally-occurring pollutant that can cause health problems for people living in Calgary; it’s essential to understand radon testing and mitigation to prevent it from becoming an even bigger problem by leaving it undealt with. Please call us if you think your home might be at risk, and we can advise you on whether you’ll need a radon test to confirm the necessity of radon mitigation. Doing so could save your life, depending on many different factors, so it’s best to reach out for professional advice.

Great-West Radon is a “One Stop Shop” for all your Radon related needs. We provide detail-oriented, honest, and reliable radon testing in Calgary by using state-of-the-art tools and technology. From radon mitigation to radon removal, we are the top-rated Radon services company in Calgary, and we are proud of the work we do and the relationships we’ve created with our clients. We only use the best materials and equipment, ensuring all guidelines set out by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program and Health Canada are being met. If you require radon testing, mitigation, removal, or a radon test kit in Calgary, Great Radon West has you covered.

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