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We are recognized as leaders when it comes to Radon as that’s all we do! Testing your home for Radon is very easy and inexpensive. Testing your home for Radon is recommended by Health Canada and has started becoming standard practice in Real Estate transactions.

Long term vs. Short term testing: What's the difference?

The only way to know for sure if your home has high Radon levels is get it tested, preferably by a C-NRPP certified professional. The difference between these two types of tests will obviously be time, and what your needs are for getting your home tested. According to Health Canada, The Canadian Cancer Society, and the Lung Association, it is recommended to test your home for the presence of Radon.

We offer a long-term test which can be mailed to you or hand delivered and placed in your home for a minimum of 91 days up to a full year. Long term Radon tests are the best indicators of true Radon levels in your home and are suggested prior to mitigating. (Many people feel comfortable mitigating based on getting a C-NRPP Certified Measurement professional testing their home Radon levels). Upon conclusion of the test, send your Alpha Track device to the lab in your prepaid pre-addressed envelope (shipping & lab analysis fees are included in the price of your test) and wait for your results!

We also offer a short-term Radon test where we come to your home and set up a commercial grade Radon detection monitor for a duration of 96 hours (min). At the conclusion of the test we will provide you with a detailed digital report including hourly breakdown of Radon levels within your home. Short term testing is most applicable in a real estate transactions, it gives you an accurate reading for that particular window of time. If Radon levels are over the recommended guidelines you have the option of negotiating a Radon mitigation system cost into the purchase of your home or the potential to negotiate based on follow-up long term test results. If you are a home owner looking to find out your home's Radon levels this test is not recommended.

We offer the Corentium Home, Wave & Wave Plus by Airthings. These digital Radon monitors are both short and long term testing devices giving you the peace of mind knowing what your Radon levels are within hours vs. waiting 4 months. Each one is slightly different giving you the flexibility on how you wish to monitor. The longer these devices are used to measure the more accurate they become, and as is recommended by Health Canada the most accurate results will come from a test that lasts a minimum of 90 days within the winter months.

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My levels are high! Now what?

Discovering high levels of Radon gas in your home can be scary, but the good news is that Radon levels can be reduced by up to 95%. Book an appointment for your free no obligation quote today! Our C-NRPP certified Radon Mitigation Professional will come to your home and provide you with a free quote as well as walk you through what the process will entail. Installation generally only takes one day and a post installation test will show you the drastic decrease in your Radon levels immediately.

What does Radon Mitigation involve?

Essentially the purpose of a Radon Mitigation (aka Radon Reduction System) is to draw Radon from the ground under your home and expel it to the outside of your home. Once it is outside it is safe as the Radon particles are dispersed into a way lower concentration in open air.

  • Diagnostic testing is done by our C-NRPP professional which will determine the size of fan that your home will require to adequately vent the radon out of your home.
  • The Mitigation professional will then drill into the concrete slab of your home (in as convenient and well-placed area of your home as possible, usually your furnace room or an area that has been approved by the homeowner) in order to direct the Radon gas out and away from your home.The Mitigation professional will then drill into the foundation of your home (in as convenient and well-placed area of your home as possible, usually your furnace room or an area that has been approved by the homeowner) in order to direct the Radon gas out and away from your home.
  • All pipes as well as the fan will be placed and the system will be sealed in order to produce maximum system efficiency. This includes sealing any visible radon entry points in your home.
  • Your Radon Mitigation system will then be tested and checked to ensure it is running properly and you will be given an on site digital scan to show the radon reduction in real time. Your system will be installed to C-NRPP standards which is what is recommended by Health Canada.
  • If you don’t already have your own Radon measurement device we can provide you with a long term Radon test that will need a minimum of 91 days of data. Once the testing period has concluded you can send it for testing (lab analysis and return envelope will be included). This test should verify that your Radon levels have been drastically reduced and your home is now much safer for you and your family!


Radon Mitigation System

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