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The Alpha Track AT-100 radon monitor is a diffusion-based track detector originally designed in 1986. The current improved design filters out dust and radon progeny through a structural filter that is an integral part of the housing, resulting in increased sturdiness. The housing is injection moulded from electrically conducting plastic in order to minimize electrical charge effects from the positively charged radon progeny generated inside the detector. The hemispherical base is designed to maximize sensitivity and create a more uniform track distribution for better counting statistics.

• Rugged structural filter for both indoor and outdoor use
• Twin removable serial labels, human and bar code readable
• Electrochemical etching for better track resolution
• Clear direct read pouch reduces serial errors
• Large foil area counted for better statistics (over 40 square mm)
• Hemispherical housing base for better track distribution
• Electrically conducting housing reduces charge effects and clustering

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