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How Building Consulting Services Works

Our Service Offerings:

Radon Testing

Building Consultation Services

Welcome to Great West Radon’s Building Consultation services, where our certified expertise in "Controlling Radon in New Homes" sets the foundation for safer, radon-reduced living environments in Calgary. As leaders in Calgary radon mitigation, we specialize in partnering with builders and architects to integrate effective radon reduction systems right from the blueprint stage.

Why Building Consultation?

Building a new home in Calgary presents a unique opportunity to implement preventive measures against radon intrusion. Incorrectly installed radon rough-ins—not just in location but also in installation—can render Calgary radon mitigation efforts ineffective, often requiring costly rework. Our Building Consultation services ensure that your radon mitigation system is designed and installed correctly from the start, saving time and money while ensuring safety.

Radon Mitigation for Construction Companies

Our Expertise and Certification

Great West Radon is certified in "Controlling Radon in New Homes," equipping us with the latest techniques and regulatory knowledge to guide you through the intricacies of radon-safe building practices specific to Calgary. Our team's proficiency ensures compliance with the Canadian building code, enhancing the integrity and marketability of your projects.

Consultation Services Include 

Guidance on Building Materials and Techniques

We advise on radon-resistant construction materials and state-of-the-art architectural designs that help minimize radon levels effectively in Calgary.

Strategic Planning of Radon Mitigation Systems

Our consultation extends to optimal placement and installation of radon mitigation systems, aligning with best practices and Calgary radon standards.

Maximizing Airflow, Minimizing Radon

Learn from our Calgary radon mitigation experts how to optimize building designs for maximum airflow and minimal radon entry, crucial for long-term property value and health safety.

Benefits of Early Radon Planning

Investing in our Building Consultation services in Calgary leads to happier clients and homes with significantly lower radon levels. Should elevated radon levels be detected post-construction, the systems we help design and implement are ready for the most effective mitigation, safeguarding the health of Canadian families and enhancing builder reputation.

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At Great West Radon, we commit to providing tailored radon mitigation solutions in Calgary that meet and exceed industry standards. Our consultation services are designed to empower builders with the knowledge and tools needed for creating radon-safe living environments from the ground up.

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Start your project on the right foot with Great West Radon’s Building Consultation services in Calgary. Contact us today to ensure your new constructions are safe, compliant, and radon-reduced. Trust Calgary’s leading radon mitigation experts to guide you every step of the way.

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