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Celebrating Success: The White Ribbon Project Build Event in Calgary

On Sunday, September 10th, the city of Calgary, witnessed a remarkable event that not only showcased the power of community but also contributed significantly to raising awareness about a crucial issue – lung cancer awareness. The White Ribbon Project Build Event, organized by Great West Radon, was a monumental success, and it wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our incredible community, vendors, partners, friends, and family. Together we created conversation pieces surrounding the information on lung cancer. We listened to experts in the lung cancer field, survivors and their testimonies as well as Dream Center Woodshop employees sharing their journeys and how they contributed to this event.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Donors and Sponsors

Annex Brewing: Craft Sodas, Cheers!

Annex Brewing deserves a special mention for donating their craft sodas, which added a refreshing touch to our event. Your support did not go unnoticed, and the attendees were delighted.

Annex Brewery Calgary

Chair Flair: Sitting Pretty

For the seating arrangements, we owe a huge thank you to Chair Flair for their generous donation of chairs. Your contribution ensured that everyone had a comfortable place to rest during the event.

Evict Radon: Spreading Awareness

To Evict Radon, your presence and dedication to spreading awareness about lung cancer were invaluable. Your efforts go a long way in protecting lives.

Fantech, USA: Our Food Funding Angel

First and foremost, we extend our deepest gratitude to Fantech, USA, for their generous funding and for going above and beyond by flying out to support our event. Todd and Crystal, your commitment to our cause and your presence on that day meant the world to us.

GFL: Keeping It Clean

We couldn't have asked for a cleaner event, thanks to GFL, who donated portable bathrooms for the day. Your contribution made the event more comfortable and hygienic for everyone.

Jam's Diner: The Food That Fueled Our Souls

A big shoutout to Jam's Diner for providing mouthwatering food that energized our volunteers and participants. Your delicious cuisine added an extra layer of enjoyment to the event.

Keith Kootenay Radon Services: Supporting the East Kootenays

From the East Kootenays, Keith Kootenay Radon Services, thank you for your participation and support. Your commitment to our cause knows no boundaries.

Lets Bounce Calgary: Bouncing into Joy

In the same spirit of providing joy to our youngest attendees, we want to thank Lets Bouncy Calgary for donating another large bouncy house. Your contribution made sure the kids had an unforgettable day.

A special mention goes to Memorable Rentals and Services for providing bouncy houses, bringing smiles to the faces of children at the event. Your contribution added an extra layer of fun and excitement.

One Wild Tribe Face Painting: A Touch of Artistry

Last but not least, Anastassia from One Wild Tribe Face Painting, thank you for your artistic talents that added a touch of magic to our event. The kids left with beautiful memories, thanks to you.

Radon Care: A Helping Hand in Painting

Aaron and Kirsten, along with their kids, from Radon Care, were instrumental in helping us paint all the ribbons. Your dedication to the cause made the event a memorable experience for everyone.

Rental Brothers: Staging Excellence

A big thank you to Les with the Rental Brothers for donating the stage. Your contribution elevated the event, quite literally, and made it more visible to all.

Elisha at Sherwin-Williams Ranchlands, thank you for your generosity in donating the paint and supplies used in creating the ribbons. Your contribution gave our project its vibrant colors and life.

Sweet Relief: Satisfying Our Sweet Tooth

Sweet Relief Pastries, your delectable cookie donation sweetened our event and left everyone with smiles on their faces. Your gesture was as sweet as your pastries.

The Dream Centre Woodshop: Crafting Ribbons and More

We extend our gratitude to The Dream Centre for donating their time, services, and space for cutting out all the ribbons. Brandon and Nate, your support was integral to our success.

Windsor Plywood: The Foundation of Creativity

Alan Jensen at Windsor Plywood, your donation of all the wood materials was essential in bringing our vision to life. Your support was the foundation upon which our project stood tall.

Celebrating Community and Success

The White Ribbon Project Build Event in Calgary, was a testament to what a community can achieve when it comes together with a shared goal. Your support, contributions, and presence transformed this event into a resounding success, spreading awareness about radon-induced lung cancer and inspiring positive change.

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our mission to protect lives and make the world a safer place. Together, we can achieve greatness, and the White Ribbon Project Build Event is just the beginning of our journey toward a healthier future.

Thank you, Calgary, and all our partners, donors, sponsors, friends, and family, for making this event a shining example of what a united community can accomplish. Together, we can make a difference and change the narrative around Lung Cancer forever!

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