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What are the Signs of Radon in Your Home?

If you're experiencing strange respiratory issues, seemingly out of nowhere, there can be a lot of cause for concern. A little-known fact, even for people who are not overly exposed to things like cigarette smoke, second-hand smoke, pollution, or other carcinogens - is that Radon trapped inside their home could be to blame.

In this article, Great West Radon will cover the most common symptoms of excessive exposure to radon gas. If some of these symptoms sound familiar, it is worth consulting with a doctor- and please consider long-term radon testing whether you're experiencing seemingly random respiratory issues or not. As mentioned further into this article, signs of radon really only show up on testing results - or as a consequence of sudden health issues.

Health Issues from Carcinogens Like Radon in Your Home

The problem is, Radon could be making you sick when you're sleeping, watching TV, or otherwise spending quality time with family - without your knowledge. Unfortunately, you won't be able to smell, taste, or see radon gas, meaning there are no easily recognizable signs of radon outside of radon testing results - but you can still suffer the unintended carcinogenic effects of sustained, hazardous radon levels in your home. Instead, the only way you might see the signs that Radon or other carcinogens are affecting your health is when you are already displaying lung cancer symptoms.

Shortness of Breath

A common symptom of lung cancer is shortness of breath, which feels like you can't inhale enough air no matter how hard you try. At the same time, you'll feel like someone is putting weight on your chest. It could happen alongside fatigue or on its own.


Similar to shortness of breath, wheezing makes you feel like you're gasping for air, even if you have nothing preventing you from breathing normally. You'll often hear yourself make a high-pitched noise between ragged breaths.


Another common symptom of lung cancer is hoarseness of voice. Hoarseness can sometimes come and go in a couple of days. Because of that, you should pay attention to other symptoms after having issues with your throat for longer than a couple of days.

Constant Coughing

woman wheezing and coughing in bed due to respiratory health issues

Several symptoms associated with radon poisoning have to do with the respiratory system. Constant coughing indicates a possibility of that ailment. Keep in mind there's a difference between constant coughing and a slight cough.

Coughing Blood

While coughing may not be cause for alarm, coughing blood is something that should raise concerns right away. This symptom, coupled with one or two more on this list, is reason enough to believe your lung tissue might be deteriorating for some reason.

Frequent Infections

Suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia on a regular basis is a clear indicator that your lungs have issues, and sometimes that's due to undetected and unmitigated radon at home. When you constantly suffer from either or both ailments, you should talk to your doctor.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is often a consequence of sudden loss of appetite and other ailments on this list, such as fatigue and pneumonia. If you experience significant and unexplained weight loss, see a doctor right away.


Are you experiencing an overall lack of energy no matter how much you eat or sleep? Fatigue is often a symptom of working and physically exerting too much - but it can also be a symptom of lung cancer.

Being Proactive Against Radon

While one or two of the symptoms described above may not be enough to diagnose radiation poisoning or the development of lung cancer, several of them happening at once can be a cause for alarm. At that point, you may want to consider immediate radon testing and mitigation - but not before a medical diagnosis from your doctor.

Testing for radon well before you have symptoms could make all the difference in managing lung cancer risk before it's too late - especially if you're in a single residential house on the Canadian prairies, where radon levels are typically much higher within homes than anywhere else on the planet! If you’re proactive, the signs of radon will show up on our radon professionals' test results or C-NRPP-approved home test kit results.

Great-West Radon is a "One Stop Shop" for all your Radon related needs. We provide detail-oriented, honest, and reliable radon testing in Calgary by using state-of-the-art tools and technology. From radon mitigation to radon removal, we are the top-rated Radon services company in Calgary, and we are proud of the work we do and the relationships we've created with our clients. We only use the best materials and equipment, ensuring all guidelines set out by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program and Health Canada are being met. If you require radon testing, mitigation, removal, or a radon test kit in Calgary, Great Radon West has you covered.

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