Radtrak Long Term Radon Test Kit


Radtrak Long Term Radon Test Kit

  • Price of Long Term Test Kit includes:

    • Radon testing device and instructions
    • Expedited shipping to your home
    • Pre-addressed envelope to send your device to the lab 
    • Lab analysis costs


    The Radtrak² is a long-term test that will monitor between 90 days and 1 full year. This extremely accurate test will take into account all of the daily fluctuations in radon levels and provide a true average concentration, minimizing the potential for a false high, or worse yet, false low reported result.

    Radonova is a global leader in radon detection theory, equipment, and research. The Radtrak² is our flagship long term Radon test kit is capable of testing your home or office for Radon over a long period of time. With ultra-high accuracy over a prolonged period of time, you will gain a full and clear perspective on the risk of Radon exposure in your location.

    The Radtrak² is a high quality, long-term alpha track Radon detector which provides prolonged detection and measurement over 3 months and up to one year. It is the most thorough and accurate occupational Radon dosimetry monitoring service available on the market today.

    The Radtrak² offers an exceptionally large range of Radon detection. The Radtrak² Radon detector is composed of a high tech film element located in a pod composed of special anti-static plastic which enables Radon gas to enter via diffusion. When Radon gas enters the detector, it marks or leaves ‘tracks’ on the film chip inside During analysis, a state of the art image scanner reads the chips and calculates a total radon concentration.